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            Logo © Gwynneth Gillett                                                       Report by Ann Manwell

“If you’re going to Arundel-l-l-l,

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

If you’re going to Arundel-l-l-l”

Peace and Love, Man

Beautiful downtown Arundel played host to the Swinging 60s the 

first weekend in March. At least the Norfolk Arms Hotel did. Some 

flowers were worn in the hair by the more adventurous, and flowers 

also took over the tables, some shirts, and the traditional 

‘ensemble’ photograph before the Saturday night meal.

Some of the ‘freebies’ were sweets/candy from the 60s, including 

Sherbet Dabs, Love Hearts, Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars, Fudge bars 

etc. To add to the mood Jac had put together a compilation of 60s 

music and TV adverts which had us singing along.

This year’s MFU episodes reflected the general theme. Personally I


had never realised that ‘grass’ as mentioned in the ‘The Pop Art

Affair’ could refer to anything other than the green covering in

lawns, and found myself trying to check if Illya was wearing flip flop

shoes/thongs when he was being chased in the café. Some of the

dialogue was so far out I didn’t know what it meant then - and still 


Watching ‘Hot Number’ it was hard to imagine that Cher would win 

an Oscar years later. ‘The Matterhorn Affair’ remains one of the 

silliest episodes but Bill Dana as the ‘innocent’ was amazing; one of

the best ever ‘innocents’.

Darryl gave a comprehensive talk on UNCLE merchandising,

including toys and publications. And Anushka challenged us with a

sequence of MFU scenes containing food and drink. We had

fun recognising the episodes and it was amazing to see how many

alcoholic drinks were consumed. I mean on the screen, of course. . . . .

Jac had also prepared a short tribute to Robert Vaughn with

excerpts from ‘The Persuaders’, ‘Hustle’, and ‘Coronation Street’.

Terry Bamber dropped in unexpectedly with his wife, and they had 

time to watch an episode before we had a wide ranging discussion

on spy films, 60s TV etc.

If he manages another time it would be great if he took part in 

the quiz.

All I am Saying is “Give Peace a Chance”

It wasn’t all sweetness and light though. The quiz format was

slightly different this year. All the answers to questions about 

UNCLE were numbers, so you not only had to calculate the correct

answer, you also had to have that number on your team’s Bingo


The caption contest didn’t have as many entrants as usual. The

winner was Ann’s:

Napoleon: “Gavin won the caption competition”.

Illya: “I don’t think so.”

Runners up were Ann’s:

Napoleon: “And then he spent the next 11 months learning all the


answers to Trivial Pursuit ”.

And Debbie’s:

Robert to David “Do you think our show will still be remembered 50

years from now?”

However the most competitive (and unofficial) part of the Arundel

Affairs are the Trivial Pursuit contests in the evening. 

[An optional addition; there are UNCLE-related alternatives going 

on at the same time - Jac]

We resumed last year’s game and it took so long I envisaged it 

going into 2018. However we finally got an outright winner and 

then had a very  quick game in teams where, for the second time in 

one evening,  Ruth was on the winning side, putting the ‘ruth’ into 

ruthless. She and Michael were on such good form they were 

already halfway to winning before the rest of us got to throw the 

dice. Questions on American TV never seemed to come up when it  

was Debbie’s turn.

Most of us went to the Arundel Wetland Centre to look at the many,

many birds there. It was a very interesting place and some of us 

also took a boat trip through the reed beds. When a few of us went

on the boat, the guide asked how we knew each other and was


surprised to learn how many different places we had come from.

Speaking for myself I didn’t see any THRUSHES but I certainly did

notice the geese. And the geese noticed three of us. A word of 

advice - never call a goose a ‘thicko’ if you don’t want to meet a 

first-aider. The brochure did say “Get Close to Nature” and it wasn’t


The raffle isn’t really a competition but some people are definitely

luckier than others. As always there were some great prizes, eg a

script, some TV Guides with UNCLE-related articles, and samples of 

Gwynn’s ‘Arundel 20’ artwork on stickers, marshmallows, a 

notebook, and more.

So Long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

The 2-day format worked a treat again and we all had a lot of fun.

The hotel was warm , the food good and the staff very attentive.

Thanks again to Jac for all her hard work. 

Roll on Arundel 21.